Do you need a reliable source for training, engineering, and technical support?
Do you need to enhance your flight staff’s capabilities?
Do you need to develop or enhance your customer support department?

Whether you have a helicopter operation in the U.S. or halfway around the world... run a small or large maintenance facility... or manufacture airframes or components... you face the same issues: not enough hours in the day, limited staff or expertise, and the sense of urgency to get everything done yesterday.

What can Worldwide Helicopter Solutions do for you?
We’ve designed our services to:

Increase productivity and enhance your staff knowledge base with our     customized training and publications
Achieve faster return-to-service with real-time troubleshooting and
    maintenance assistance
Minimize the logistical problems associated with
    securing FAA approvals
Allow you to focus on your core competencies
    while we do the supplemental work
Reduce backlog and inefficiencies with convenient
    on-site and online assistance
Help you gain control and peace of mind by working with
    one company as your central resource

You save time and effort... and a lot of frustration! We will take the growing workload off your staff’s shoulders, or supplement your existing services.
We offer the flexibility you’re looking for on a per-project or on-going basis.

We can help you. We’re Worldwide Helicopter Solutions, a company dedicated to providing a full range of strategic and tactical solutions you need to help your operation run at peak efficiency.